Cryptopia Cracked: Are Centralized Exchanges the Way to Go?

It goes without saying that exchanges command significant influence over the cryptocurrency market, being the exclusive portals for fiat into the world of blockchain. Exchanges are also the most significant winners of the cryptocurrency craze, and bank billions by raking in fees and maintaining custody over sizeable crypto wallets comprised […]

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Are we on the brink of war?

The internet is (still) sketchy, plastic is (still) everywhere and America is (still) willing to send troops to the Middle East. It’s Ashley with today’s biggest news. But first, don’t @ me: Washington is the best state in America, according to new rankings (shout out to our WA readers). So, where does everywhere else […]

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How investors are trying to meet short-term needs

After the rationalisation and categorisation of mutual fund schemes undertaken by the Sebi in October 2017, overnight funds have emerged as a distinct category. Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/ Do you have investible surplus and are looking to park it in an instrument that provides safety and liquidity, while earning reasonable returns […]

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