What Is ARK? Introduction To ARK Ecosystem And Token

What Is ARK? The ARK crew plans to bring blockchain to the masses by building a sandbox DIY ecosystem of blockchain development. The ARK platform uses SmartBridges and listeners to connect blockchains and has built-in support for over a dozen alternative programming languages, including Python, Java, Swift iOS, and Ruby. […]

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ARK vs Bitcoin Breaking Higher

ARK has formed a double bottom at 27k astoshis after which price started to move higher. ARK/BTC broke above the 200 Moving Average and has been consolidating between 33.4k satoshis support and 42.7k satoshis resistance for the past few weeks. But today ARK is breaking above strong resistance that previously […]

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Should You Invest In Ark? (Opinion)

Given the fact that it’s been around for a while now, it’s surprising that Ark isn’t on more people’s radar. Ark is a leading crypto project that’s hot on the trail of blockchain’s Holy Grail, interoperability. Nestled quietly at number 59 (by market cap) on the top cryptocurrencies list, Ark […]

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