Blockport Allows Bitcoin Deposits, Pursues Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange Model

Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Blockport has announced that users will be able to deposit bitcoin with the firm, something which hadn’t been possible up till now. But though traders will now be able to transfer bitcoin to Blockport, the funds will actually be held in a wallet on one of three […]

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Blockchain Interoperability: a Necessity for Effective Adoption

Photo: Pixabay No doubts, blockchain technology continues to revolutionize several sectors and industries owing to its decentralized feature which eliminates the need for intermediaries and centralized control. Blockchain technology since Bitcoin has been able to prove its ability to provide a framework that engenders transparency and an advanced level of […]

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DON’T fall for the Consensus 2018 hype | No explosion after? (Coindesk Consensus 2018 )

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