Report Shows the UK may Lead the Crypto Economy | BTCMANAGER

According to a report from the Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global, and Deep Knowledge Analytics, Britain has all the necessary resources, the government support, and the industrial will to lead the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement in the next few years. Britain has been quite progressive in 2018 when it comes […]

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Someone Drops a Beacon Chain PoC Implementation, Vitalik Buterin Shows Up

“Hi Ethereum Researchers,” begins Mikerah, an apparent pseudonym. To then continue stating: “My colleagues and I have recently started a Javascript implementation of the beacon chain based on the Ethereum team’s Python implementation. As a result, we want to share a list of implementations in different programming languages so that those […]

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At 72, John McAfee Shows No Sign Of Slowing Down ⋆ ZyCrypto

The famous programmer, known for his anti-virus software program, the McAfee anti-virus has recently uploaded a video in a tweet showing him jet skiing. John, despite being known for his programming skills has also in recent years been called the “fortune teller” of the cryptocurrency market. It seems any predictions […]

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