Signs of the future of the city’s Republican Party

The fame and follies of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have now attracted no less than six 2020 challengers . . . in the GOP primary. And it’s a highly diverse field that’s filed to seek the Republican line next year in the 14th District, which covers parts of Queens and The Bronx: Jamaican-born […]

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Calls for motorway traffic signs to be redesigned

Calls for ‘unclear’ motorway junction signs to be redesigned amid fears they confuse motorists force them into dangerous manoeuvres to avoid missing their exits Transport Focus told Highways England it should review Britain’s junction signs Report by the watchdog said unclear labelling led to drivers making mistakes Drivers cut across markings […]

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WaykiChain Shows Signs of Becoming the Next TRON

WaykiChain Shows Signs of Becoming the Next TRON WaykiChain has launched a DApp Funding Program to incentivize developers and spark innovations in the blockchain industry. The program is an ambitious move by the blockchain network which aims to be world-leading blockchain technology and ecosystem built, used and shared with every […]

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