Are we on the brink of war?

The internet is (still) sketchy, plastic is (still) everywhere and America is (still) willing to send troops to the Middle East. It’s Ashley with today’s biggest news. But first, don’t @ me: Washington is the best state in America, according to new rankings (shout out to our WA readers). So, where does everywhere else […]

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Look How Close We Are To Blockchain Adoption

A term that gets thrown about a lot these days is ‘blockchain adoption’, it has slowly grown into something with more meaning over the years, this is because the adoption of the blockchain is now a very realistic idea. Two years ago, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) could’ve been a way […]

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Why We Will See An Increase In Crypto Payments This Year

The fact is, there are several cryptocurrencies which are versatile and can be utilised as whole private bank accounts and payment cards for nearly every occasion. There is a growing number of fiat-based payment processors, sure, but cryptocurrency payments provide the consumers and merchants with almost unlimited benefits. Worldwide There […]

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