MyToken: Introducing the Best Cryptocurrency Price Monitoring App

In 2017, the blockchain industry has grown further than ever before. By offering secure, public accessibility and tamper-proof features, the technology is slowly coming to the mainstream. It not only has the potential to disrupt just about every industry as well as it makes cryptocurrency an incredibly attractive investment and financing model.

What is MyToken?

There is also an increasing need for the development of the right tools to help investors track and manage their digital asset portfolio.

This is precisely what MyToken is trying to offer. An app that can act as the perfect tool to provide a wide range of services such as pricing, providing key information and much more to digital currency traders.

MyToken is a Chinese company that was established in 2017 and is quickly becoming China’s most popular digital currency service. The platform was developed to provide a set of market services to Chinese cryptocurrency investors.

MyToken provides:

  • Transaction data for almost 300 exchanges with real-time price and trading volume details across 70+ major exchanges.
  • Real-time pricing data for more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies.
  • Candlestick, trading volume and in-depth data on all major exchanges.
  • Details on nearly 1,000 popular cryptocurrencies and their sub-markets, ICO price and projects.
  • Real-time total asset feedback.
  • Announcements and updates from major exchanges
  • Useful industry insights and information

MyToken provides on-time accurate pricing and as the most popular price monitoring app in holds the largest market share in the country. It focuses and aims to restructure its investment ecosystem and establishes itself as the leading brand in the industry.  

MyToken’s goal is to introduce an efficient investment environment to bring both developers and investors together and help them better understand and cooperate.

It is designed to help investors deepen the understanding of the industry as well as other parties by providing them with the most objective and neutral data, information and tools. This will enable them to reduce the decision-making costs and effectively integrate ecosystem services.

Instant and accurate price monitoring for multiple exchanges

The company says it is now capable of delivering the instant price for different exchanges so that users can have an easy management their personal investments.

The company was able to rapidly become the most used market and information platform in China and today is proud of having more than 400,000 users, and over 150,000 daily active users, and more than 50 mature communities of core users.


At this point, the platform already supports several operating systems such as iOS, Android, HTML5 and Mac.

MyToken ICO

The company is now looking to expand across borders and build a steady community around the globe with the intention of further enhancing its capabilities to maintain a transparent ecosystem to contribute for the development of the crypto market.

To do that MyToken will be introducing a token system to attract business partners and together develop an accessible and efficient cryptocurrency investment ecosystem.

MyToken is also launching the initial coin offering on the legal compliance basis, meaning that investors will need to provide personal information.

The company already announced the launch of its token, named MT which is a standard ERC20 Token. According to MyToken’s white paper, “MT’s overall market value is about $47 million. When listed on the exchange, the MT value will be equivalent to 17,000 ETH. The remaining 7,000 ETH will be unlocked on a daily basis over the next 6 months. This plan is designed to stabilize the price of MT in current volatile market conditions.”

Apart from currency looking for effective management of their investment portfolio, MyToken ecosystem brings together digital currency investors and matches the needs of digital currency industry while bridging an efficient communication between users and advertisers.

This way, advertisers can get accurate traffic data while the audience is also able to decide whether to see the ads and have some benefits from it.

Larry Guo, CEO of MyToken states:

“For any investor, access to quality information is key to success and that is particularly true in the cryptocurrency industry where investors need to be able to tell the signal from the noise. MyToken was established to provide investors with the most objective data, information and tools so that they can make the most informed investment decisions. By combining this access to data with user-generated content, a vibrant investor community, and a range of useful services we can help investors reduce cost and invest with maximum efficiency.”

MyToken is having a growing number of users every day and quickly become a very important player not just in China but in the rest of the world as well.

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