Ronnie Moas: in the middle of the year Bitcoin will be worth 28000 dollars

Cryptoinvestor is optimistic – the rise in Bitcoin's price is just a matter of time.

The founder of Standpoint Research company and the most prominent crypto-enthusiast Ronnie Moas remains calm while the Bitcoin price falls to about 8000 dollars in recent days.

Ronnie Moas: the market is relieved of the weak

According to Ronnie Moas, Bitcoin's return to price growth is just a matter of time. And by the middle of 2018, Bitcoin will reach 28 000 dollars.

The middle of 2018 will only be in two and a half months, notes Usethebitcoin and the situation on the market does not correspond to the forecast.

However, there is still hope, because this would not be the first case, if the price of Bitcoin rebounds to new heights.

However, Ronnie is optimistic, he expresses confidence that an upward trend will appear very soon, and therefore he is not worried about current events.

In his view, the market is simply getting rid of weak players. Ronnie believes that many will regret that they will sell their stocks of crypto-currency.

In December last year, Ron Moas said that in the long term Bitcoin would cost 400 thousand dollars.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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