Airdrop Alert: Aphelion DEX Airdrop Registrations Open for NEO Holders

Aphelion, the upcoming DEX on the NEO blockchain, has opened airdrop registrations, giving away 50 APH to 10k participants.

Aphelion, one of the more promising projects in the ICO space, has now opened registrations for the Aphelion Airdrop, during which 500k APH tokens will be air-dropped to the first 10k registrants.

In order to join the airdrop, you need a Telegram, Twitter and Reddit username along with an email and a NEO address (APH is an NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain).

Aphelion tokens are the second to be created on the NEO blockchain, and the project is essentially a decentralized exchange, being developed to go against the current monopoly of centralized exchanges.

One of the major features of the Aphelion DEX is ‘DEAL’, or the Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger, which can have multiple instances, supports multiple languages and delivers robust security and speed for peer-to-peer exchanges. APH tokens play the role of an escrow service on a DEAL, essentially setting up a smart-contract based exchange mechanism.

Interestingly, Aphelion is not the only DEX on NEO – NEX is also a highly anticipated project, which is still in its ICO registration phase. Given how centralized exchanges have faulted time and again, it is no surprise that the move towards decentralized exchanges is picking pace.

That being said, it is unlikely that we will see a mass exodus of users from centralized exchanges to decentralized ones, particularly because of the added support features offered by the former.

However, the emergence of decentralized exchanges is very likely to push centralized exchanges towards better quality of service and a more responsive support system – things which are currently lacking given the existing monopoly.

NEO, which had been ambling about in terms of price, took off recently with news of upcoming iCOs and DApp development. Even in the current bearish trend, the token is priced around the $85 range, and we can expect the price to grow positively as more projects are announced.

If you’re interested in the Aphelion airdrop, head over to the official website and click on the ‘AirDrop’ option to proceed further.

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