AstorGame Looking To Change The Betting Industry With Blockchain

The eSports market is a multi-billion dollar market that is continuously growing and it will continue to do so for a long period of time.

AstorGame is trying to find ways of accessing a different sector of customers from this market, by rethinking how individuals partake in both betting and online gaming. They plan to achieve this by developing a blockchain-based platform dedicated to gamers, betters, and operators.

eSports and Online Gaming

AstorGame is ready to change the eSports and betting industry through its innovative blockchain-based platform. The was motivated to create a smart contracts-based gaming and betting platform to provide better security for user funds and to offer a higher degree of transparency.

Should the platform be attacked and forced to go offline, the users’ funds are secured through the blockchain so they can be returned to the players. All betting functions that take place on the platform can have their validity checked by any participant by verifying the code to make sure that no fraudulent activity was involved in any outcome drawing.

In order to lessen any risks that come with traditional casinos, AstorGame intends on using their “Provably Fair” technology to enable participants to audit each game on a technical level. Even though the Provably Fair technology has been put into use by other online casinos, there is an increasing deficit of both auditing on game levels and the security that is involved in the delivery of funds. AstorGame aims to use smart contracts implementations to ensure that winnings and prizes are delivered in a secure and efficient manner, without any counterparty risks.

The platform has announce that the official date for public release is set for June 2018 during the FIFA World Cup, with a beta that will start in May. Tokens for the platform will be available for purchasing on exchanges.

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