Building Your "Crypto Portfolio" Should Take Only One Minute, Because the Only Worthwhile Portfolio

The Bitcoin rally is currently taking a breather at the$8,000 mark, but BTC fans are as fired up as ever. Bitcoin maximalists arecalling on crypto investors to ditch the altcoins and stand with the king.  Much of this BTC maximalist talk is, ofcourse, falling on deaf ears because most other token values are also on therise.

Gemini Trust Company, the firm behind the Winklevoss twins’ Gemini platform, has a mobile app that is making it much easier for crypto investors to build their crypto portfolio. The app is the perfect investment accelerator the market needs now that it in a BTC frenzy. One Bitcoin fan in appreciation of the app tweeted : “building your “crypto portfolio” should take only one minute because the only worthwhile portfolio is 100 percent allocation to BTC. BTC is not an equity or debt instrument. It’s money, and money is winner-take-all.”

Gemini Mobile App; The Crypto Portfolio Building King

The Gemini Mobile Appavailable on Google Play and the Apple App store not only eases crypto tradingbut also has a lot of other goodies in store for its users. The app is free,and on it, investors can purchase or sell all the tokens available on theGemini exchange, including ETH, BTC, ZEC, BCH, and Litecoin. Users can alsosend and also receive crypto and view their portfolio and market value as well.A trader can set their recurring purchase orders on it too. 

The most exciting innovation from Gemini, however, could verywell be ‘Buy the Cryptoverse,’ the virtual currency basket on the app. Thisinnovative feature will enable investors to buy the full range of tokensavailable on the Gemini platform in one fell swoop. Announcing the innovativefeature on Twitter, Gemini said askedinvestors to “start building your cryptoportfolio in minutes. Buy the Cryptoverse™, set price alerts, recurringschedule orders, and more!”

Gemini has promised the mobile app users who might be wary ofthe security challenge their crypto assets might face, that it has all thebases covered. They have revealed that the app has multi-security layers,including a “two-factor authentication” from Authy, a security platform plus anadditional customer PIN.

GeminiCrypto Portfolio Security

In a Medium blog post about the mobile app, Tyler Winklevoss reiteratedthat Gemini has “spent the lastthree years building the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency platform, andtoday we are excited to extend it into the hands of our customers.Cryptocurrency never sleeps, so it’s important for us to make it easy for ourcustomers to engage with it wherever they are and whenever they want.”

The Gemini Mobile App, however, is not the first of its kind in the cryptosphere. There are variations of it in existence, albeit without the crypto purchase ease that ‘Buy the Cryptoverse’ feature gives the Gemini Mobile App. CoinBase, for instance, has had a mobile app that makes it easier to use cryptocurrencies. Other well-known and respected mobile apps include Delta a crypto portfolio tracking app and Blockfolio. Blockfolio and Delta both support lots of global crypto exchanges.

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