eToro and CoinDash are Partners: See What’s About!

CoinDash, a platform dedicated to crypto portfolio management has announced on 14 March 2018 about its new partnership with the global crypto exchange eToro in order to expand its portfolio of products marketed using the blockchain technology.

The team behind eToro is going to support and supervise the CoinDash’ activities once they design and implement key features consisting of:

  • Portfolio Tracking Tools– which gives platform the access to information about former and existing investors;
  • Token model– eToro is committed to support CoinDash in developing a token model in order to provide a real use of them in blockchain space;
  • Social Network Elements– which will be developed based on eToro’s model and features.

eToro’s founder and CEO became a member of CoinDash’s board of directors

These two companies signed a partnership agreement. Due to this, eToro Founder and CEO, Yoni Assia became a member of the CoinDash board of directors. He has agreed to support and offer numerous tips related to the services CoinDash offers from his experience of about two decades in business. Together, they will develop and expand the portfolio of products.

Yoni Assia is also known for its collaboration with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum blockchain-based network. These two worked together and wrote the ColoredCoins white paper in 2013.

eToro is the CoinDash’s largest investor

“Until this point, investors in cryptocurrencies have mostly been members of a niche community. The learning curve is steep and the market moves quickly. With thousands of new coins in the market, it can be difficult for mainstream investors to navigate this new space. The CoinDash team is enabling users to better analyze their investments in cryptocurrencies, and to learn from others.”, stated Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro.

Thus, eToro became the most important and largest investor for CoinDash platform, which has already received a physical space in China and Israel. Having adjoining headquarters, both teams will have the opportunity to interact and get inspired by each other’s ideas.

I’ve been honored to serve as a mentor to CoinDash and its team since its inception. As CoinDash continues to grow and evolve as a business, I look forward to guiding the team as they provide much-needed tools for cryptocurrency investors.”, added Yoni Assia.

 “Nothing makes more sense to CoinDash then partnering up with the global leader in social trading …”

Instead, the CEO of CoinDash, Alon Muroch stated that:

“The eToro team has had great success in developing and scaling social trading platforms, and pioneering innovative new ideas like Copy Trading. We look forward to tapping the knowledge they have made available to us to ensure we can have the same great impact for our community. Nothing makes more sense to CoinDash then partnering up with the global leader in social trading, today marks an important milestone for what’s to come in our product launch planned for Q1 2018.”

This partnership will definitely take CoinDash to another level. The eToro team will support and assist CoinDash‘s activities in order to provide advice when needed.

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