In Europe, the issue of the crypto-currency journal and the technology of blockchain

The British association Blockchain (BBA) has launched a new magazine about the news of the world Blockchain and crypto-currency. The editorial board of the magazine believes that the expert opinion will influence the public opinion about the usefulness of the technology.

They believe that the publishing house will enable crypto analysts to share their experience with the general public. New issues will be issued once in 2 months.

All articles in the journal will be linked to research, expert opinions and reviews. The Association issued a press release stating that the magazine will cover all areas of technology use – industry, public sector, government and science.

The editor-in-chief said:

"To date, blockchain is written by journalists and editors, who, in general, are not specialists in the field of crypto-currency. This means that the information they write may not always be reliable. In our journal, all publications will be evaluated by experts, which means that the content will always be reliable. "

The magazine will become the gold standard among information publications on blockchain and crypto-currencies, will regularly publish expert opinions and reviews. Given the enormous costs of developing technology in this area, serious information support will be more than appropriate.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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