The largest exhibition and conference in Ukraine Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

29 March in Kiev will host the largest in Ukraine exhibition-conference on block-technology, crypto-currencies and ICO, – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. This is the fifth annual event, which gathers businesspeople from Ukraine and from abroad, developers of decentralized solutions, investors and organizers of token-loans.

The conference will be attended by more than three dozen speakers, and in the exhibition area will be located over 70 brands, representing software and services for the crypto industry.

The conference will be divided into specialized streams dedicated to finance, engineering and ICO.

Participants of the event

Special guest – Minister of Infrastructure

The conference will feature representatives of Ukrainian ministries and departments. Among them is the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan. He will talk about what kind of block projects in the transport sector can be embodied in Ukraine.

The role of decentralized technologies in the reform of the digital government will be dedicated to the presentation by Alexander Ryzhenko, the chairman of the State Agency for Electronic Governance of Ukraine. His adviser Konstantin Yarmolenko will become a participant in the discussion about the introduction of a regulatory sandbox in the country. Together with Constantine, Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexei Mushak will participate in the conversation. The statesmen will discuss the possibility of creating a separate zone in Ukraine, where the run-in of laws on digital assets will be conducted.

David Kisiria, adviser to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, will explain how cyberphysical systems can be introduced into the economy of the country and what advantages it will bring tokenization.

Leaders and founders of business

The reports will be presented by international business experts. So, the conference will be addressed by the American speaker Edan Yago, the founder of the IT company Epiphyte. A special guest Adam Waziri, director of Diacle, a company that provides legal assistance to the blocking companies, will come from Great Britain. Switzerland will be represented by the business expert and co-founder of the famous Wings block-platform, Dominik Zinis. His report will be devoted to the practical use of the tokenization of the economy, the speaker will cite real cases as examples.

Julia Sporysh, head of the index-analytical agency kriptornka CoinIndex, will explain the importance of the indices to the audience. It will reinforce the report with a review of financial data providers. Alina Belkovskaya, co-founder of the analytical project VANDAL BlackPapers, will also talk about the importance of information for ICO projects.

The report on the regulation of ICO in Ukraine and the world will be presented by the co-founder of Juscutum law firm Artem Afyan.

Experts in marketing and management

Director of Marketing at Crowdholding Alex Bozhinov will explain how to promote the ICO project. His colleague from the company Bitfury Georgy Givishvili will talk about the possibilities of blocking in the commercial business and the state.

Sergey Bondarenko, senior manager of the consulting department of the world-famous company Deloitte, will present a report on the challenges and opportunities for crypto currency in banking.

Exhibition area

The exhibition will feature crypto-currency exchanges, services for traders, electronic wallets, equipment and software for mining, platforms for bidding and digital ecosystem creation, decentralized management systems, as well as services of companies to promote projects and their legal support.

The organizer of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is the company Smile-Expo, whose network of bitcoin-conferences covers more than 20 countries.

Venue: Exhibition and Convention Center "Parkovy", Park Road, 16, 01601, Kiev.

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