Lympo Offers Its Token Holders Shares in the Company

LYM token holders will now be shareholders of the Lympo Company. The company has announced that starting April this year, it would distribute 20% of its shares via equity options to the token holders.

Lympo plans to distribute 20% of the company shares to its token holders.

According to the company, the shares will be distributed in several rounds in 2019.  Lympo token holders will now have a critical say in the company that inspires its members to stay healthy and achieve their fitness goals by rewarding them with Lympo tokens.

The health and fitness industry has had an enormous growth in the last few years. The market is expected to be worth $233 billion by 2020. Considering this growth, holders of the Lympo token will not only get a good return for their tokens, but they are now set to be part of this growing company.

Inspiring A Healthy Lifestyle

Lympo has revolutionized the healthy lifestyle ecosystem by monetizing wellness and sports data using blockchain technology. The company’s key aim is to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The platform rewards you for keeping fit by collecting your fitness and health data using the Lympo mobile health app. If you complete a healthy lifestyle goal such as running for 2 kilometers or following a set diet, you get the LYM utility tokens.

Token Holders Get A Stake in The Company

According to the Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse, part of the aim of coming up with the Lympo token was to develop a token that could provide long-term value to its holders and also be used for real use. The token has already achieved the latter goal by inspiring its users to stay healthy. Now the company is set to give long-term value to its holders.

The Lympo Company will conduct an Initial Public Offer (IPO) in the near future. The company will also offer 20% shares to the token holders via equity options starting April this year. This means token holders will get to participate in the company decision-making, they also get transparency as they will be aware of the company undertakings. The LYM token holders will get real value for their tokens.

The Multi-Purpose Token

The LYM token is truly a multi-purpose token as holders of the Lympo token can use it in the Lympo ecosystem. It will also be used as a means of payment for wellness, fitness, and other health-enhancing products and services on the Lympo ecosystem. Users can also trade the Lympo coins in exchanges for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, now token holders qualify to be the company’s shareholders.

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