Managing Energy with Robotina: Discover Their Major Projects

Robotina is a European-based company engaged in energy optimization. For over 28 years, it has been applying cutting-edge technology to their projects to make electricity consumption more manageable while reducing costs for the end user.

In recent years the blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies ultimately proved their innovation and long-running roles in the worlds of finance, medicine, business, and, of course, the world of energy consumption…

Robotina today

Today, Robotina has contributed all of its strength and capabilities to implementing technology into the energy arena. They are currently working on an IoT platform that will help energy consumers save up to 30% of the money they pay for electricity bills, and even raise a profit by selling data, concerning their energy consumption, thus making the network more efficient.

Their token (ROX) commences crowdsale on March 21, 2018 and is currently at pre-sale. You can discover the details of their ICO from their web page, but before you do, read on to discover how Robotina is different; with the eagerness of a startup and almost three decades of experience and major projects, some of which, we will review here.

Managing solar plants with Panasonic

Operational since March 2013, these were the first two photovoltaic power plants in Japan. Robotina applied an SPSS (Solar Plant Supervisory System), which dealt with the management and monitoring of both power plants. What’s interesting is that the full adjustment of the system, with cooperation of Panasonic and SanRex, took only a couple of days, while the minimum guaranteed lifetime of the solar power plant with the implemented SPS system is no less than 25 years.

Home Energy Management System (HEMS) with Hitachi

With a working history in Germany, Switzerland, and Cyprus, the HEM system has shown its efficiency when it comes to energy consumption. Basing on weather forecasts and the historical data of each household, it is able to predict the energy demand and adjust consumption to make savings. With this project, Germany plans to make 35% of domestic energy renewable by 2020.

Turning Dubai into a ‘Smart’ City with Imdaad

It’s hard not to call Dubai a ‘smart’ city, but it will become even more so, due to the partnership of Robotina and Imdaad, the leading facility management provider in United Arab Emirates. Together they are building a NOS (Network Operations System) that will make it possible to remotely manage the energy consumption of buildings, leading to a significant reduction in energy usage.

This is a mere fraction of all the projects that Robotina has successfully managed. The company has over a thousand projects completed in collaboration with such corporations as Sharp, Microsoft, ABB, and many more. It is Robotina who worked on building every single water monitoring station in Slovenia together with ARSO (Slovenian Environment Agency).

The problem with longstanding companies is that sooner or later they find themselves in a position when their time-tested business models become unwieldy. The Robotina company is one of the few to grasp the nettle and transform itself from within. As of today, they are possibly the only ICO company with such a vast and trustworthy history, with plans to deploy the capital raised from their ICO to further extend the reach of their R&D and expertise. Robotina brings two unique and previously uncombined features:

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