SGX Partners with Smartkarma to Launch C-Suite Pilot Program

Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) has agreed to collaborate with fintech firm Smartkarma to create a C-Suite pilot program with the intention of developing an “innovative research solution to bring listed companies, analysts and investors on to a single platform.”

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The C-Suite pilot program is a cloud-based platform that will help facilitate the communication capabilities of companies listed on the SGX. The collaborative effort is aimed at attracting C-level executives and other professionals of SGX-listed companies in order to obtain a better understanding of the local and regional requirements and methods of operation.

The objective is to leverage the acquired information in order to allow for the improved communication and reporting of relevant data to the appropriate channels – institutions, analysts and investors.

Creating a centralized platform, which will enhance communications for companies to the aforementioned channels, will help adhere to the demands of many SGX-listed firms, and in turn could provide them with tremendous value that would otherwise have been costly and time-consuming.

Chew Sutat, Head of Equities and Fixed Income at SGX, said: “The global investment research landscape is fast evolving with the emergence of self-directed and independent research, as well as new regulations resulting in a reduction in investment coverage by financial institutions. We welcome this initiative by Smartkarma to build a solution that raises the profile of our listed companies amongst investors and analysts.”

The pilot program will further enable companies listed on SGX to compare the performance of the industry and assess market sentiment, while also creating a simple and centralized venue for investors to independently research and compare the relative benefits and disadvantages of each company.

Moreover, companies will receive greater exposure, as investors will receive greater and easier access to these companies, which in turn benefits all parties active on the platform.

Smartkarma’s Chief Executive Officer, Raghav Kapoor, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with SGX as we equip corporates with an innovative platform to engage with the fast-growing independent research community, helping improve their perception with current and potential investors. This is coming at a time when banks and brokers are downsizing research desks due to regulation and cost constraints, resulting in a decline in the depth and breadth of coverage of certain stocks, assets and sectors.”

The goal of the program from the perspective of SGX is to increase exposure to its listed companies. In February of this year, SGX was dealt a blow when several stock exchanges in India decided to stop licensing data to SGX. While the decision was self-serving in nature, it still was not something that SGX wanted to endure.

Despite the decision, SGX performed admirably in February, posting strong volumes data and overcoming several obstacles in its path.

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