Cryptelo Bounty: Get free Cryptelo tokens and compete for new amazing prizes

Cryptelo company is providing an effective path to solve a worldwide security problem – providing totally secure shared data solution with no compromise between security and user-friendliness in removing risks of relying on third-parties in the chain of trust.

It is building the new generation of digital key secured management platform and services implementing the trust less key server concept and providing solution for fixing the web-of-trust, C.A and other standards.

The platform has already launched its bounty programme. In it, it will be giving tokens worth $1MM value. They will also do a lottery with a prize of 10 000 Cryptelo tokens for 100 bounty hunter in the Top 50%. The platform has been counting bonuses in real time automatically.

One does not need to worry about transparency and fairness as it is a fair bounty because algorithms controls the rules not humans. Cryptelo developers monitor Twitter, Facebook and Telegram to verify ownership of social accounts to be sure that participant doesn’t impersonate into someone. Therefore, every participant is a real entity.

Cryptelo is scalable so it could evaluate huge raise amount of transaction to boost any ICO rapidly. The bounty programme has been opened after the finishing of the ICO to help ICO community perform better. After the Token Sale, the Bounty pool will be split proportionally to how many points a participant get.

The Bounty program will run until the end of the Token Sale. With Cryptelo Bounty, users are rewarded for helping to spread the word about Cryptelo on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. Interactions with the posts, creating new statuses and Tweets mentioning Cryptelo and inviting new people all earn points. These points will be translated into Cryptelo Tokens once the Token Sale has ended.

One can earn 300 points for generated activity everyday on twitter and Facebook following certain conditions. 100 Cryptelo tokens will be awarded to every bounty hunter on Rank 1 – 2 000 in our leader board and 500 Cryptelo tokens to every bounty hunter on Rank 2 001 – 6 000 after the Token Sale has ended

With Cryptelo, companies will be able to communicate and exchange data more securely with both clients and suppliers every day. The need to manage certificates like companies do into an old email application will be eliminated, as the new email client generates a new secret key specifically for protecting that content, but the recipient as well must have the secret key to decrypt the content.

Only after successful authentication from both the parties, the recipient is able to read the unencrypted after receiving the secret key and the access policy defined by sender.

The Cryptelo Drive is an encrypted virtual drive for companies facilitating users with their user accounts to access their data via web and desktop applications. All type of files can be easily uploaded, shared and edited.

Users can exchange, store or share personal data with their respective client securely and can ensure their technical compliance with GDPR or protect and share patient records securely.

The protection level of confidential information on collaborative environment among the corresponding top teams of organisations for various strategic projects is increased.

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