MedCredits and Civic Join Forces to Develop an Innovative Blockchain Solution for the Health Sector

MedCredits has announced its formidable alliance with Civic, a startup that’s into blockchain identity verification solutions.

Together, they are determined to create the first truly decentralized public registry of physicians that will be accessible globally. Once the solution is launched, it will be accessible via a network of healthcare apps with global presence.

Civic operates in compliance with the necessary regulatory guidelines such as KYC and AML. The Civic app carries out the KYC and AML operations with its innovative technology. This is why MedCredits has joined forces with the Civic team to create a revolutionary solution for the health industry.

Commenting on this great development, COO of MedCredits, Dr. Moshe Praver said that:

“Token-Curated Registries are the perfect use-case for blockchain technology. for the first time in history, the token economy allows the creation of decentralized registries of professionals. With the first decentralized registry of licensed physicians, we aim to be the base layer of any healthcare app that seeks a pool of doctors. The impact of this is enormous.”

Civic CEO Vinny Lingham also stated that:

“This collaboration marks a milestone for Civic’s ecosystem in providing secure and low-cost access to identity verification services in healthcare. With Civic, MedCredits can ensure that the physicians submitting credentialing documents in the MedCredits registry are the actual owners of the documents while simultaneously preventing identity theft on the network.”

How it works

Physicians and health workers are required to submit their credentials on the platform. All the credentials are saved on the blockchain and independent reviewers verify the documents and are in turn rewarded with MEDX tokens, which is the native cryptocurrency of the platform.

The primary goal of the system is to reduce the cost of professional credentialing as well as creating a platform where people can easily access licensed physicians.

MedCredits in Brief:

MedCredits is the first truly decentralized platform that connects physicians with patients globally.

It uses its token-curated registry (TCR) of health care practitioners to make healthcare services more affordable and efficient.

MedCredits first released a software named Hippocrates in 2017. Its primary duty is to connect people with skin diseases to dermatologists for diagnosis and treatment at affordable rates.


As stated earlier, Civic creates highly functional blockchain-powered identity verification solution. The Civic solution allows users to authorize to use their identities in real-time.

Civic is focused on making it easier for everyone to carry out identity verifications via blockchain.

The Civic token is the native crypto of the ecosystem and holders use it to pay for identity verification services. Civic conducted its TGE in June 2017, selling $33 million of its tokens.  To learn more about Civic visit

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