Peer2group Ink Strategic Partnership Deal with Komodo ⋆ ZyCrypto

Peer2group has announced its strategic partnership with Blockchain Company, Komodo.

Komodo will receive 10% of Peer2group’s tokens.

The tokens will be in escrow and will be distributed by the summer of 2018. has agreed to distribute 10% of its tokens to Komodo. The tokens are backed by a legal entity and will be released later in the year. is a cryptocurrency fund backed by a legal entity. The fund will get receive revenues from the entire businesses.

Peer2group is made up of a vast array of businesses that base their operations on digital money.

The team is currently looking to create a blockchain system that will be loaded with numerous features such as:

– Peer.2cash, a paper money gateway for the blockchain economy and DApps. The beta version has been live for two years now. is also an exciting project the firm is working on.

It’s supporting the Komodo blockchain ecosystem by joining a notary nodes election to become an integral part of the system.

Komodo is touted as the platform that’ll bring financial freedom and privacy to users., the platform’s debit card payment system that will make it easy for crypto holders to spend their cryptos anywhere.

It also makes it easy for users to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without having to use an exchange.

Users of the platform will receive the cards when the projects finally go live.

-The is a white label marketplace open to exchangers and OTC traders. It makes it easy for people all over the globe to buy and sell cryptos profitably.

Token Distribution tokens will be distributed to all stakeholders including partners, employees, etc.

All holders will be able to exchange their tokens on the market after undergoing KYC checks.  

Holders will also be able to sell their tokens on the decentralized exchange being developed by the Komodo team (Barterdex).

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