LCG Taps Solace to Improve Trading Latency of CFDs and ‎Spread Betting

UK-based FX, spread betting and CFDs provider London Capital Group ‎‎(LCG) has selected Solace’s solutions for use in its core trading ‎infrastructure that distributes real-time price information to LCG’s applications and ‎traders.‎

Solace offers a unique combination of operational ‎simplicity and low latency, allowing the spread ‎better to build highly responsive service for its clients. ‎

Important considerations in LCG’s decision to outsource ‎Solace’s infrastructure were its ability to handle ‎information routing between the brokerage’s internal applications, as well as reduce ‎latency and simplify data flows to ensure LCG applications are always ‎synchronized. This helps reduce response times and slippage for its ‎comprehensive network, the company says.‎

Solace’s message routers are also projected to reduce the ‎datacenter footprint while also providing improved monitoring ‎and management.‎

According to Annivas, CIO of LCG, in a recent statement on the integration of Solace solutions: ‎”Solace technology helped us upgrade our information pipeline to ensure data is ‎shared in a fast and reliable manner. We ‎are now able to easily connect all elements of our trading applications so we can ‎efficiently scale to meet the changing needs of our business.”‎

Keith McAuliffe, ‎general manager of financial services at Solace, added: ‎”CFD and spread betting are markets where the optimization of data ‎management is critical to growth and client retention. Our work with LCG is a ‎great example of how our technology can help businesses simplify their ‎data movement infrastructure while improving their ability to collect, ‎distribute and leverage increasing amounts of real-time data.”‎

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