Fox News’ Brit Hume Hits Donald Trump With The Painful Truth About His Coronavirus Briefings

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume pulled no punches on Thursday as he called out President Donald Trump over his latest Twitter tantrum, describing it as “ridiculous.”

Trump lashed out at The Wall Street Journal editorial board after it denounced his conduct at the daily White House coronavirus task force briefings, and urged him to step aside from them, in a critical column:

Hume, however, wasn’t having it.

“This is a ridiculous tweet,” he fired back.

“He could get his views across without bragging, endlessly repeating himself, and getting into petty squabbles with the junior varsity players in the WH press corps,” Hume added. “And he could stop talking much sooner to give Pence, Fauci, Birx and Giroir more time.”

Hume garnered headlines last month for failing to close tabs on his internet browser before sharing a screenshot on social media. He has, however, called out Trump’s criticism of Fox News on multiple other occasions, unlike some of his other colleagues at the widely watched conservative network.

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