The Army says soldiers should nap more. Here are 13 weird places US troops have been sleeping

  • The US Army recently revised its health guidelines, advising troops on "physical readiness, nutritional readiness, mental readiness, spiritual readiness, and sleep readiness."
  • Service members often go through prolonged periods of training and operations that leave them tired but with little time to rest.
  • According to the new guidelines, those troops can use "short, infrequent naps to restore wakefulness and promote performance."
  • From torpedo rooms to tanks and aircraft to truck beds, here are some of the strangest and most creative places those troops have chosen to catch up on sleep.
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In ready rooms before heading out.

On location — like this US Marine sleeping on the hood of a vehicle.

Torpedo rooms on US submarines.

Junior members of submarine crews are often required to "hot rack," where another crew member sleeps in their bunk while they are on duty.

Sailors drape towels over themselves to block out light.

On aircraft.

On the deck.

On a sunny beach.

In the chow hall.

During a graduation ceremony.

While standing up.

Small-boat operations are extremely dangerous. But when they're not launching their boats, US sailors sometimes use them to catnap.

In sleeping bags in sub-freezing temperatures during field training.

During a stand-down.

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