Dozens of Portland 911 calls went unanswered as cops mobbed by rioters

Dozens of genuine crime victims went without help in Portland as police were mobbed by rioters who pelted them with bottles and rocks while chanting, “Kill a cop, save a life,” according to authorities.

“At the time of this release over 60 calls for police service were holding around the city,” Portland Police Bureau said early Sunday after again declaring a riot in the troubled Oregon city.

“Some had been holding for the length of the events described here,” the force added as it detailed more than five hours of rioting by cop-hating Black Lives Matter protesters.

The calls for help included some for “theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hazards, hit and run, burglary, violation of restraining order, alarms, stolen cars, harassment and many others,” the police department said in a statement.

Instead, officers had to deal with hundreds of violent militants who chanted “kill a cop, save a life” — as well as plans to “burn it down” if they did not get justice.

Rioters started “launching mortars at the police and cars” late Saturday — and officers had “rocks, frozen eggs, glass bottles, and frozen water bottles” thrown at them until the mob finally broke around 2.30 a.m. after 11 arrests.

The missiles included a 10-pound rock that left two cops hospitalized.

Portland has seen some of the worst violence in the US as Black Lives Matter groups have gathered nightly since late May following the police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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