Kim Jong-un thought Obama was 'an a**hole,' Donald Trump says in Woodward book

KIM Jong-un thought Barack Obama was an “a**hole”, Donald Trump is reported to have told Bob Woodward.

The President made his claim in a series of interviews for Washington Post editor Woodward's upcoming book.

Woodward revealed in his book ‘Rage’ that the two leaders allegedly wrote 27 letters to each other.

Transcripts of the the North Korean dictator’s “love” letters to Trump, revealed by CNN, include him waxing lyrical about the Singapore summit, and wishing the President a happy birthday.

Kim's admiration for Trump is in sharp contrast to his views of his predecessor in the White House.

In over eighteen hours of recorded conversations with Woodward, the President also claimed that Kim thought former President Barack Obama was an “a**hole”. 

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met in a historic summit in Singapore on June 12 2018 , later referred to by the despot as a setting “reminiscent of a scene from a fantasy film”. 

On December 25, 2018, Kim wrote to Trump: “I cannot forget that moment of history when I firmly held Your Excellency's hand at that beautiful and sacred location as the whole world watched with great interest and hope to relive the honor of that day.”

A year later, Kim wished the President a happy birthday, writing: “I extend my sincere and warm regards to Your Excellency on the occasion of your birthday.

“My regards also to the First Lady and the rest of your family and all your people, and I wish everyone good health and happiness and hope that everyone's dream will become a beautiful reality.”

In another letter, Kim had glowing words for the President after their joint trip to Hanoi, Vietnam on January 18, 2019.

He wrote: “Every minute we shared 103 days ago in Hanoi was also a moment of glory that remains a precious memory."

Kim also described his meetings with Trump as a "precious memory" that outlined how the "deep and special friendship between us will work as a magical force."

Trump went on to tell Woodward that he felt the admiration from Kim, claiming: “He never smiled before.

“I’m the only one he smiles with.” 

And the flattery flew both ways, as the president told the Woodward that he thought "holy s**t" when he met Kim, describing him as "far beyond smart."

After receiving criticism for meeting the supreme leader, the president defended his actions to Woodward, telling him: "I met. Big f**king deal. It takes me two days. I met. I gave up nothing."

He also described Kim's relationship with nuclear weapons as "somebody that's in love with a house and they just can't sell it."

A different letter heard Kim tell the president: "I feel pleased to have formed good ties with such a powerful and preeminent statesman as Your Excellency."

In the book, Woodward explains that Trump was flattered by the fact Kim called him "Your Excellency."

Trump also boasted that Kim "tells me everything," namely the graphic way in which the leader's uncle died.

Despite presenting excerpts of the leader's musings, Trump described his correspondence to Kim as "so top secret."

However, he did reveal that Trump sent Kim a copy of The New York Times that pictured the pair on the front page, writing, "Chairman, great picture of you, big time."

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