New law for pubs and restaurants means you MUST give your test and trace details

A NEW law will insist Brits must give test and trace details to pubs and restaurants.

Boris Johnson made the announcement today as he outlined new rules coming into force to stop a feared spike in cases around the country.

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Businesses have not had to enforce this previously, but now punters will have to give their details out – to help prevent the spread.

They will be be kept for 21 days incase the customer needs to be told to self-isolate.

In his first No10 press conference since July the PM said: "I also want to see, and public wants to see, stronger enforcement of the rules already in place.

"In future premises and venues where people meet socially will be legally required to request the contact details of every party.

"Record and retain these details for 21 days and provide them to NHS test and trace when require.

"We will support local authorities to make further and faster use of their power .

"Fines will be levied against hospitality venues that fail to ensure their premises remain covid secure."

He warned Brits face new £100 fines if they meet in groups of more than six indoors or out.

The strict rules apply from Monday to gatherings in homes, pubs and restaurants — and could still be in force at Christmas.

Currently, people only face fines for gathering in groups of more than 30. And they can only legally meet inside with one other household.

But that will be changed so any of the six can be from different households, in an attempt to bring rules in line with outdoor gatherings.

In data shared today older people and younger children were not seeing a huge rise in case, but people aged 30-29 were shown to have a rapid rise.

Professor Chris Whitty said it was a "real phenomenon" in which we are seeing real cases going up – with individual testing matching the infection rise.

There are fears curfews could come in for other areas under local lockdown, after Bolton saw pubs and restaurants only allowed to open within certain hours.

Young people have been blamed for the rise in coronations cases, with Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying people aged under 25 living in some of the country's richest areas have been pinpointed.

When asked if people were not following the rules he added: "We certainly see cases where they are not, and then we take action."  

And many new cases are often linked, he said – adding that in Bolton, an outbreak was tied to a single pub which has been asked to close.

"We are seeing problems with social distancing. The rise in cases is largely among younger people, under 25s, especially between 17 and 21," he said.

It comes after police demanded greater powers to fine young Covid flouters — and ahead of tens of thousands returning to university next week.

The PM said the changes would make it simpler for the public to understand.

The drastic move comes after alarming figures revealed there were almost 2,500 new cases in the UK yesterday — following two straight days of 3,000 new infections.

The numbers were the highest since May and took the overall total of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK to 350,000-plus.

The number of Covid-related deaths in the UK also hit 32 yesterday — the highest for weeks.

Scientists say the reduced death toll and smaller numbers being admitted to ICU could mean the virus is getting weaker.

While most testing during lockdown took place in hospitals, anyone who now has symptoms of the virus is encouraged to order a test in the UK.


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