The BBC's revoltingly extravagant rich list shows just how out of touch it has become


WHEN will the out of touch millionaire champagne socialists running the BBC learn?

In the midst of a global pandemic and on the very day it’s revealed 695,000 more hardworking Brits have lost their jobs, they unleash a revoltingly extravagant rich list showing not a thing has changed at the corporation.

Apparently we’re meant to celebrate Zoe Ball has received a whopping £900,000 plus pay rise to £1.36 million – a pound for every listener she’s lost since taking over from Chris Evans at Radio 2.

We’re meant to cheer the fact Gary Lineker is earning £1.75 million a year from our pockets because he’s agreed to take a 23 per cent cut over the next five years and will start controlling his highly partisan tweets.

And that’s just the start.

Fiona Bruce has somehow secured a pay rise of £195,000 in just a year to £450,000.

Lauren Lavern, whose hosting of Desert Island Discs is considered an unmitigated disaster, has seen her salary soar £90,000 to £395,000.

Worse still is the damning fact that the total salary bill for on screen stars rose by £1 million to £144.6 million, proving all the talk of frugality is just that.

What on earth is going on at that place?

Remember, this is the same BBC that has said it is too cash strapped to pay the licence fee for our greatest generation – those over-75, many of whom fought in World War II.

There is simply no longer a justification for this extravagance. The public – already furious about being forced to pay a £157.50 poll tax – will rightly no longer stand for it.

As John O'Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said today: “BBC salary surges for loaded luvvies fly in the face of ratepayers facing economic ruin. These bumper Beeb pay packets are picked from the pockets of pensioners and poor taxpayers, who are fed up of forking out for the licence fee under pain of imprisonment.”

If these presenters genuinely believe they can earn that amount in the commercial sector then now is the time to prove it.

But as someone who has worked in this industry for many years, I can tell you the vast majority would find themselves immediately out of work.

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